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Tan Hung Phu Chemical Co.,Ltd
Given the quality of received beliefs

Return Policy

You can make exchange or refund within 7 days of receipt of goods for goods purchased at the company. Customers implement every change must be paid no signs torn, damaged tank (unless damaged during transport of the seller) and unused.

Change delivery processes are executed when the package was completed at the company's warehouse. We will take the next steps to check the quality of goods and conduct return / exchange or refund according to your requirements.

In case you barter on demand, you will bear the entire cost of the 2-way shipping (delivery and innovation) We only accept product exchange for the original intact condition, and chemical single product delivery & unused.

In case you return / exchange no subjective reason from customers, Tan Hung Phu will be charged the full cost of the 2-way shipping (delivery and innovation).

Tan Hung Phu encourage customers to check the status of the container outside and the product before payment to ensure that goods are delivered right type, number of orders and the external situation is not impact (tear / pool). If this is the case, please reject the goods and / or report to the customer support department so that we can plan for timely treatment. In cases where the customer has paid, receiving and then discovered the damaged goods, incorrect or missing content products, please take photos of products and contact us for our support the next step as return / exchange or return the product to your missing. After 48 hours since you received the goods, Tan Hung Phu has the right to refuse to support the complaint in accordance with the above content.